Anonimo asked: hi could you make some ariana pink lips pale icons? - @buteradisney


Anonimo asked: Can you please post the action you used on your icons? i really love your blog and i kinda wanna start a blog like yours so please thanks love.

It’s not an action bae it’s topaz, and i change it on every icon

Ariana Grande instagram icons:

Anonimo asked: could you do some camila cabello icons? :) maybe a couple from her instagram?


Anonimo asked: Can u do some old selfies or random ariana icons pale?


Christina Grimmie icons:

Headers for the new twitter:

Ariana Grande with glasses icons:

sorry for the quality, the pictures were extremely small.

Bethany Mota instagram icons:

Anonimo asked: how do you make your pictures so hq? what are sharpen settings? sorry for the questions lol

They can vary actually. I have like 3-4 settings i’ve saved on my topaz clean and i use them according to what the picture needs, if it needs a strong sharpening or not

Anonimo asked: what psd/action/topaz did u you for the demi lovato icons,

I used no action, just topaz and a psd i’ve personally made

Ariana Grande Jones Crow photoshoot icons:

pale icons:

Ariana Grande old twitter icons:

Demi Lovato twitter icons:

Divergent icons and headers: