Ariana new picture with glasses icons:

Anonimo asked: Ariana Grande problem music headers please, i love your tumblr pls

here you go, these are headers with the new size because most of us have that layout so:


Ariana Grande Problem music video icons:

earthtomac asked: Problem video twitter icons?

I’m posting them now x

Anonimo asked: I'm In love with the psd's you use. You should post them!

i’m sorry sweetie i don’t post my psd’s ç-ç

Anonimo asked: You're so much nicer than an old icon blog I followed. You deserve like 2000000000 followers 😂

OMG you’re so sweet. I don’t have many followers tho hahah i don’t really need that anyway, i’m just glad people use my icons

Anonimo asked: How do you prounounce your name, love? :)


Ariana Grande with Sascha icons:


Ariana Grande shooting problem icons:

Ariana Grande new selfie icons:

Anonimo asked: christina grimmie blonde highlights on hair icons please? -grimmiefrappe on twitter :)


Ariana Grande’s last selfie icons:

drewsdior asked: Can you please make icons of the picture of ariana and scooter facetiming but without scooter in it? thank u! - arianachanel


Anonimo asked: Hi I would like just to say that your now my new fave maker of icons since sadly my super favorite iconparty was closed it's almost the same as your icons so Im inlove with this blog!! Thank you so much

Thank you, Becca is THE QUEEN of icons though, i’m really sorry she stopped but she did it for good. She’s amazing.

Thanks for your nice words though x

Anonimo asked: @scepticisms here ((: could you make sky ferreira or madison beer icons? ☺️